Training Financial Markets Professional (FiMa)

The objective of the training is to provide the participants insight into:

  1. within Financial Markets: which business lines are there
  2. per business line: which desks are recognized
  3. per desk: which products are traded
  4. per product: how are these products traded, the processes around trading, which parties are involved, which systems are used for each product, how is supervision carried out, etc.

At the end of the training you will know Financial Markets inside out. The training can be made completely bespoke for your bank and has been given within the top tier banks in the Netherlands since 2009; and more than 800 people have already followed this training. The training course is completed with an exam and, if this exam is passed, the participant receives a certification as Financial Markets Professional. This is a post-graduate diploma from the University of Amsterdam which is followed by registration in the worldwide FiMa-register.

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Dates of Upcoming Training Courses:

Module 1 27-8-2024
Module 2 3-9-2024
Module 3 10-9-2024
study week 17-9-2024
Module 4 27-9-2024
Module 5 1-10-2024
Module 6 8-10-2024
Module 7 15-10-2024
Module 8 22-10-2024
study week 29-10-2024
Module 9 5-11-2024
Module 10 12-11-2024
Module 11 19-11-2024
Module 12 26-11-2024
Module 13 3-12-2024
study week 10-12-2024
Module 14 17-12-2024

The training locations will be agreed with the client and announced to the participants no later than one month before the first module.

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