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TLM Academy

TLM Academy is a training company that provides Financial Markets trainings, Risk Management trainings, Regulatory trainings and Leadership trainings. We provide these trainings in partnership with the University of Amsterdam Academy for Banking and Insurance (UVA ABV), the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Dutch Institute for Banking and Securities (NIBE).





TLM Academy was founded in 2008 and has been structurally providing training courses to the top Dutch banks and supervisors since early 2009.

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A selection of our training courses

Training FiMa

Training Financial Markets Professional (FiMa)

Training FiMa PE

Training financial risk manager FRM1

Financial Risk Manager 1 (FRM1)

GARP/UVA | | Full Training (7 days)

Financial Risk Manager 1 - accelerated

Training Financial Risk Manager 1 (FRM1)

GARP/UVA | Accelerated Training (3 days)

Financial Risk and Regulations - group

Financial Risk and Regulations (FR&R)

GARP/UVA | | Classroom Training (3 days)

Leadership in Financial Institutions

Leadership in Financial Institutions (LiFI)

TLM/UVA | | Classroom Training (4,5 days)

FiMa register

FiMa® register

Obtaining the Financial Markets certificate entitles you to be listed in the Register Financial Markets Professionals on this website and in the official register of the UvA Academy of Banking and Insurance (UvA ABV).

There is a need for Financial Markets Professionals who have broad and in-depth knowledge of Financial Markets and who keep their knowledge up-to-date and ready by means of Continuing Education.

In order to meet this need, the UvA Academy for Banking and Insurance has set up a Register Financial Markets Professional.

FiMa ® PE – annual education

In order to keep the FiMa Certificate valid, 4 hours of permanent education per year is required. This training is provided monthly by the UvA Academy for Banking and Insurance. The training can be taken online or on location in Amsterdam.

After following the training, the registration in the FiMa register is automatically extended by one year.

Book: The Dealing Room

Mandatory study material for the FiMa training is the book De Dealingroom by author Tony Illis.

In this book Tony Illis explains in an understandable way how and in what way banks make their profit. Learn these strategies easily.

Order the book directly at Bol.com

Author: Tony Illis
Number of pages: 450
Release date: December 2022 (second edition)
Language: available in both NL and EN