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FR&R (Financial Risk and Regulations)

GARP/UVA | Classroom Training (3 days)

The Financial Risk & Regulations training teaches participants how financial risks affect financial institutions and systems within the global financial infrastructure. The training also prepares the candidates for the international GARP Financial Risk & Regulation exam. The candidates develop their insight into risk management, financial laws and regulations and the influence of financial risks on banks and their processes, policies, systems and products.

The training is concluded with an exam at GARP, with which you can obtain the official GARP certificate. With this GARP certification you show that you are aware of the latest developments in the field of market risk management, credit risk management, treasury risk management and operational risk management.

The Academy for Banking and Insurance of the University of Amsterdam (UvA ABV) offers this FR&R training in collaboration with NIBE-SVV. The FRR training is provided by TLM Academy.

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Dates of Upcoming Training Courses:

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Training dates 2024:

Module 1 + 2 1-5-2024
Module 3 + 4 8-5-2024
Module 5 + 6 15-5-2024
Module 1 + 2 11-9-2024
Module 3 + 4 18-9-2024
Module 5 + 6 25-9-2024

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