• Financial Risk and Regulations exam training

Exam training Financial Risk and Regulations (FR&R)

GARP/UVA | Exam training (1 day)

The FR&R training prepares you for the international GARP exam Financial Risk and Regulation. The UvA Academy for Banking and Insurance (UvA ABV) offers this exam training (UvA ABV is a collaboration between NIBE-SVV and the University of Amsterdam).

The training is provided by TLM Academy. TLM Academy provides classroom training for groups (a 3-day training) and individual tailor-made training. In addition, we provide exam training days in which we practice previous exam questions in a classroom setting. The trainers will explain the correct answers including the full math work-out or reasoning behind the answers. At the end of the training, the participant will receive a booklet with 500 exam questions and answers.

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Details Exam Training Financial Risk and Regulations (FR&R)

Dates of Upcoming Exam Training Courses:

  • June 05 2024
  • August 16 2024

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