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Exam Training FRM1 (Financial Risk Manager 1)

GARP/UVA | Exam training (1 day)


The Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) designation is the globally recognized standard for those who manage risk. During the FRM1 exam training you will gain knowledge of the fundamental risks for banking institutions, government regulators, investment funds, consulting firms and financial services institutions around the world in their day-to-day operations. The UvA Academy for Banking and Insurance (UvA ABV) offers these exam trainings (UvA ABV is a collaboration between NIBE-SVV and the University of Amsterdam) and the trainings are executed by TLM Academy.

TLM Academy/UvA provides classroom trainings for groups (a full 7-day training and an accelerated 3-day training) and bespoke individual trainings. Besides that we provide Exam Training days in which we practice previous exam questions in a classroom setting. The trainers will explain the correct answers including the full mathematical work-out or argumentation behind the answers. After the training the participant will receive a booklet with 500 exam questions and answers.

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Details Exam Training Financial Risk Manager 1 (FRM1)

Dates of Upcoming Exam Training Courses:

Training for May exam:

  • 29-4-2024

Exam: May 11-17

Training for November exam:

  • 28-10-2024

Exam: Nov 16-22

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