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Training Leadership in Financial Institutions (LiFI)

TLM/UVA | | Classroom Training (4,5 days)

We all recognize which mistakes our leaders make and how we would manage and lead if we would be in their position. But do we though? The Leadership in Financial Institutions (LiFI) course will prepare you how to lead and motivate your own team(s) when put in a position of responsibility and accountability. But before you reach that goal, we will challenge your role towards others, both in the professional and personal domain. We will do this only after the most important trait of leadership has been discussed, one we often tend to forget; we will train you how to effectively manage yourself first. Then others will accept your leadership and follow.

This training is designed for mid-level managers aspiring  to take the next step in a leadership role. The training could also be followed by senior managers looking to refresh and challenge their leadership skills.

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Details training Leadership in Financial Institutions (LiFI)

Dates of Upcoming Training Courses:

Training dates 2023:


  • Module 1+2:          13-Jan-2023
  • Module 3+4:          08-Feb-2023
  • Module 5+6:          08-Mch-2023
  • Module 7+8:          12-Apr-2023
  • Module 9:              17-May-2023

Evening training

  • Module 1:          04 October 2023
  • Module 2:          11 October 2023
  • Module 3:          18 October 2023
  • Module 4:          25 October 2023
  • Module 5:          01 November 2023
  • Module 6:          08 November 2023
  • Module 7:          15  November 2023
  • Module 8:          22 November 2023
  • Module 9:          29 November 2023

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