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Book: The Dealing Room

Mandatory study material for the FiMa training is the book De Dealingroom by author Tony Illis.


The Dealingroom is the first and only book that provides insight into exactly how banks and hedge funds make their money trading complex financial products. This is taken from the viewpoint/perspective of the trader/dealer and not from the customer to whom the product has been sold. A trader continuously buys and sells financial products such as stocks and bonds, structuring them in combinations to create more complex products such as synthetics, turbos, interest rate swaps, bond swaps, equity swaps, CFDs, ETFs, FX products and other derivatives.

In this book, Tony Illis explains how exactly financial institutions trade these products, the strategies behind them, the way the trades are processed within the organization, and how they are supervised.

Tony is an ex trader, former head of an equity derivatives desk, and currently partner at Seventrees, a consulting firm specialized in Financial Markets. Tony is also CEO of TLM Academy, a Financial Markets training bureau.

Author: Tony Illis
Number of pages: 450
Dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm x 2,4 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition: Second edition
Release date: December 2022
Illustrations: Provided with illustrations
Publishers: Brave New Books
Taal: The Dealing Room is available in both Dutch and English.
ISBN: 9789464483154

Price: €59,99

Cover of the book The Dealing Room