Training Advanced Financial Markets Practitioner

Unlock your potential in the complex world of finance with our “Advanced Financial Markets Practitioner” training. This comprehensive course is designed for seasoned finance professionals looking to deepen their expertise in sophisticated financial instruments and strategies.

Level 1:

  • NIBE Financial Markets
  • Certification by NIBE/NCOI

Level 2:

  • Financial Markets Professional (FiMa)
  • Certification by Universiteit of Amsterdam

Level 3:

  • Advanced Financial Markets Practitioner (AFMP)
  • Certification by TLM Academy

Please note:

The AFMP training is a level 3 training.  A worldwide FiMa certification and/or registration in the FiMa register of the University of Amsterdam is required to participate in the training.

Key Topics

1. Advanced Trade Finance
Master the intricacies of trade finance, including Open Account Trading (OAT), Payment In Advance (PIA), Documentary Credits (DC), Letters of Credit (LC), Deferred Payment Letters of Credit (DPLC), and Acceptance/Term Letters of Credit (ATLC).

2. Trade Finance Hedging
Learn the critical skills of hedging in trade finance using FX Forwards, Currency Options, and Credit Default Swaps. Understand the nuances of Forfaiting, Factoring, and various LC variations.

3. Advanced Options Strategies
Explore sophisticated options strategies like Spreads, Backspreads, Straddles, Strangles, Butterflies, Condors, Ladders, Boxes, and Collars.

4. Exotic Options
Delve into exotic options and their pricing models, including Delta Cash, Gamma Cash and complex option types such as Bermudan, Himalayan, Asian, Barrier, Chooser, Lookback, Digital and Cliquet options.

5. Advanced Swaps
Gain expertise in Best-of & Worst-of concepts, Swaptions, Cap Floors, Asset Swaps, and First to Default Swaps.

6. Tokenization
Dive into the cutting-edge field of financial tokenization, exploring new ways to digitalize assets.

7. Trial Exam
Prepare for success with a trial exam featuring real former exam questions and detailed answers.

8. Certification Exam
Conclude your training with a rigorous 2-hour final exam. Receive results within an hour and earn your certification as an Advanced Financial Markets Practitioner.

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The course is delivered in a flexible online format, accommodating the demanding schedules of finance professionals. At request the training is also provided in-house at your company.
The training consists of 8 modules of three hours.

Our trainers are industry veterans with years of practical experience in financial markets, committed to delivering the highest level of instruction.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certification, recognizing their advanced knowledge and skills in financial markets.
Elevate your career with our “Advanced Financial Markets Practitioner” training. Whether you aim to enhance your trade finance capabilities, master complex derivatives, or lead in the digital transformation of assets, this course is your gateway to advancing in the fast-evolving financial industry.

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