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The International Trade Finance Practitioner (ITFP) is an advanced professional certificate programme providing training and certification on key trade finance products, techniques and compliance issues. The ITFP has a broad, comprehensive curriculum that will help you develop a wide range of expertise on trade Finance subjects.

The course starts with module 1: an introduction to trade finance concepts, its place in trade and its prevalence in todays economy. Also we discuss the roles of all parties involved; importer, exporter, supplier, issuing bank, advising bank, remitting bank, collecting bank, ECAs and insurers.

In module 2 all trade finance products are discussed: Open Account Transactions, Payment in Advance, Documentary Collections, Documentary credits, Deferred Payment Letters of credit, Acceptance/Term Letters of Credit, Red-clause vs. Green-clause Letters of Credit, Fixed vs. Revolving letters of Credit, Transferable vs. Back-to-back Letters of Credit, Forfaiting and Factoring. For all these products we will discuss the trade process, the responsibilities of each party envolved, the risks for each party and how these risks can be mitigated.

In module 3 we discuss hedging products that are used to mitigate risks. Content of this module are FX Forwards, Currency options, Interest Rate Swaps and Credit Default Swaps.

In Module 4 we discuss the subject of supervision. What is the role within banks of Risk Management, Compliance and legal. Which master agreements are used. Which rulesets are prevalent in trade finance (i.e. Incoterms, etc). Which regulations are applicable for trade finance; UCP600, ISBP745, ISP98.

After the four module training an exam takes place, which, if passeed, provides the certificate International Trade Finance Practitioner.

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Dates of Upcoming Training Courses:

Module 1 + 2 20-2-2024
Module 3 + 4 27-2-2024
Module 1 + 2 18-3-2024
Module 3 + 4 25-3-2024
Module 1 + 2 22-4-2004
Module 3 + 4 29-4-2024
Module 1 + 2 22-5-2024
Module 3 + 4 29-5-2024
Module 1 + 2 23-9-2024
Module 3 + 4 30-9-2024
Module 1 + 2 21-10-2024
Module 3 + 4 28-10-2024
Module 1 + 2 18-11-2004
Module 3 + 4 25-11-2024

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